Meeting General Patton, the subject of my last posting.  What an honor!

Meeting General Patton, the subject of my last posting.  What an honor!


Trigger warning: the beginning of this video is really intense, but the end of it is awe-inspiring. It comes from One Billion Rising, a campaign designed to raise awareness of ending violence against women and girls. The below is taken from their website:

"14 February 2013 marked the largest global action in history to end violence against women and girls. V-Day’s ONE BILLION RISING campaign leveraged the strength of V-Day’s 15-year activist network to mobilize over a billion people worldwide, inspiring women and men in 207 countries to come together and express their outrage, and to strike, dance and RISE against violence…One Billion Rising is the beginning of the new world ignited by a new energy. It is not the end of a struggle but the escalation of it, so V-Day asks those who rose around the globe to take a simple pledge, to do one thing in the next year to end violence against women.  It could be a simple action, or a monumental one; personal, or political; quiet or loud, but these actions – taken together – will create change."

One Billion Rising is talking about culture change; considering the “rape” culture we live in nowadays, that’s a big deal. I like how this campaign pulls together individual creativity and community level change, it’s almost captivating.